Goon Tracker

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Woods is probably the second or third hardest map to take Goons, but still very possible. They spawn near the scav bunker and bridge overlook locations. The best strategy here is to try and get into the scav bunker area (in white), using nades to make the push, From here you'll have cover to fall back to as you try to get aggro. The Approach is tough, you can be shot pretty far from birdeye and with the amount of trees its very hard to figure out the exact location. You may need to back up and take a wide circle and approach from a different angle.

Spawn Location

On Woods, the goons spawn near the Scav Bunker and Bridge Overlook area.

Packet Loss Bug

As of writing this, you can't really count on the packet loss trick to find out of the Goons are up on Woods. This is because of the addition of the BTR to woods. Like other maps, if you a hear a lot of loud gunfire near the spawn location, you can bet they are up.