Goon Tracker

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Shoreline in my opinion is slightly more doable than Woods. I've killed them here a few times and highlighting the approaches I usually do with the white arrows. You do not want to approach from the open field for obvious reasons. Birdeye will actually sometimes go up in the radio tower and will have huge sightlines. If you start hearing bullets whiz by you, it's time to turn around and take another angle. Once you get to the rocks surrounding the weather station, use nades to identify and move in closer. It's even possible to get into the weather station building and kill the goons from here. Like always once you get aggro get ready for them to push and circle you.

Spawn Location

On Shoreline, the Goons spawn at the Weather Station.

Packet Loss Bug

As of writing this, it's still possible to use the packet loss trick to determine if either the Goons, Sanitar, or both are spawned. For Shoreline you should definitely listen for loud gunfire near the weather station. A good indication that the Goons are up in addition to using the packet loss trick.