Goon Tracker

Map Image


Lighthouse is the hardest map to take Goons on, and I would say so objectively. Right off the bat it's the only map where they have multiple spawn locations. In addition to that lighthouse is generally a difficult map to play and usually forces hard pvp for the people that need to move north. It's not impossible but it'd probably be better to wait for another map location. It can be a pain sometimes enough to deal with the rogues, but also the goons makes this very difficult. The typical advice applies, nades and cover, time to prove you're the chad you know you are.

Spawn Location

On lighthouse, the goons can spawn at the Blue Chalet, or two of the rogue water treatment buildings.

Packet Loss Bug

Unfortuantely the trick is not reliable for lighthouse. Similar to raiders on Reserve it's hard to count on packet loss because of the Rogues on Lighthouse.