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Time: 2024-07-19 03:31:52 PST

Last seen: 48 minutes ago

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Recent Reports

Map Time Reported By
Woods 2024-07-19 03:31:52 Goon-tracker.com
Lighthouse 2024-07-19 01:34:06 Goon-tracker.com
Customs 2024-07-18 23:52:52 Goon-tracker.com
Lighthouse 2024-07-18 23:49:10 Goon-tracker.com
Woods 2024-07-18 23:28:39 Goon-tracker.com
Woods 2024-07-18 22:49:53 Goon-tracker.com
Customs 2024-07-18 22:05:00 TP
Customs 2024-07-18 21:47:46 Goon-tracker.com
Customs 2024-07-18 21:46:39 Goon-tracker.com
Woods 2024-07-18 21:42:29 Goon-tracker.com
Shoreline 2024-07-18 21:27:38 Goon-tracker.com
Shoreline 2024-07-18 21:20:39 Goon-tracker.com
Customs 2024-07-18 21:15:00 TP
Woods 2024-07-18 18:23:00 TP
Lighthouse 2024-07-18 17:28:32 Goon-tracker.com
Woods 2024-07-18 15:43:00 TP
Customs 2024-07-18 14:58:04 Goon-tracker.com
Woods 2024-07-18 14:38:00 TP
Shoreline 2024-07-18 14:31:39 Goon-tracker.com
Customs 2024-07-18 14:29:31 Goon-tracker.com
Lighthouse 2024-07-18 14:11:00 TP
Customs 2024-07-18 13:41:20 Goon-tracker.com
Customs 2024-07-18 13:39:44 Goon-tracker.com
Lighthouse 2024-07-18 13:24:32 Goon-tracker.com
Woods 2024-07-18 13:10:00 TP
Woods 2024-07-18 12:47:09 Goon-tracker.com
Woods 2024-07-18 12:32:00 TP
Lighthouse 2024-07-18 12:33:08 Goon-tracker.com
Customs 2024-07-18 12:26:43 Goon-tracker.com
Customs 2024-07-18 12:04:44 Goon-tracker.com

Why use this site?

The Goons in EFT move between maps. Generally they stay on a map for a few hours, so this and other sites take user-based reports on which map they are on. I suggest using multiple sites and looking at the recent reports to get the best idea of which map they are on, and consider submitting a report if you see them! This site in general will contain tips on how to kill the Goon Squad as well as identifying which map they are currently on. Use common sense when looking at recent reports, if you see 5-6 Customs reports and one random Lighthouse report in between, your best bet is to search on Customs.

How to Kill the Goons

First thing to consider is which maps to send kits and try to take them, in my opinion Customs and then Shoreline are the easiest. Use the tracking sites and try to sift through obvious false reports to guess which map they are on. Once you are sure which map they are on, you may want to consider popping SJ6's for better chances to get to them. My general advice for killing the goons is to approach from wherever there is the most cover. You may have to take wide approaches because Birdeye will shoot you from very far. If you start hearing random bullets whizzing by you, its probably Birdeye and you need to back up and come from a different angle. Get close, throw nades (any nade or flash will work) to hear voicelines and distract them to get even closer. Once you engage and get aggro, just take cover and they normally circle and push you. This is the time to get kills, once you kill a goon, others typically will push as well. Use cover and listen for voicelines/steps.

Quest info and Spawn locations on each map: Stray Dogs Quest Wiki

About Stray Dogs Quest

In Escape from Tarkov there is a quest called Stray Dogs. This is a kappa required quest and can be a hard one because of trying to find the spawn location of the Goons. They rotate between 4 different maps and typically stay there for a couple hours. This and other websites are useful to report when you have seen the Goons, so everyone can help each other with identifying the current map they are on.

General Goons Info

The Notorious Goons of Escape from Tarkov: Birdeye, Knight, and Big Pipe

In Escape from Tarkov, three formidable adversaries, known collectively as the Goons, pose significant challenges to scavengers and PMC operators alike. Each Goon possesses unique skills and characteristics that make them formidable opponents.

Birdeye: The Sniper

Birdeye is a master of stealth and marksmanship. Armed with a high-caliber rifle, he excels at eliminating targets from a distance with deadly accuracy. His ability to remain hidden and strike without warning makes him a feared adversary.

Knight: The Close-Quarters Combatant

Knight is a juggernaut on the battlefield, equipped with heavy armor and powerful weapons for close-quarters combat. His imposing presence and relentless aggression make him a force to be reckoned with in urban environments.

Big Pipe: The Unstoppable Force

Big Pipe is a towering figure known for his immense strength and brute force. Armed with a formidable weapon, he charges headlong into battle, smashing through obstacles and enemies with unmatched ferocity.

Encountering these Goons in Escape from Tarkov requires careful planning and skillful execution. Each presents a unique challenge, testing the limits of players' abilities and determination in the unforgiving streets of Tarkov.

Best Escape from Tarkov Gaming Hardware

Escape from Tarkov similar to games like Rust and World of Warcraft benefits heavily from CPU L3 cache. The best cpu you could buy right now that can potentially double (or more) your fps is a AMD 7800X3D because of the cache. It may require some additional configuration like Lassoing. You are also going to want at least 32gb of RAM. For graphics cards you definitely don't need state of the art, any current top ~15 card should be fine.

Best Escape from Tarkov Mouse

Certainly very preference oriented. But you could look up some popular EFT streamers and copy them as well you'll find things like the Logitech G903 or Glorious Model D. Find something you are comfortable with.

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